Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine presents his credentials to President Volodymyr Zelensky

On September 12th, the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk presented his credentials to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

During the discussion following the presentation ceremony, Ambassador Kuusk stressed the importance of relations with Ukraine for Estonia. “Estonia wishes Ukraine to succeed. A democratic Ukraine that respects the rule of law is an important ally for Estonia,” Ambassador Kuusk said. President Zelensky thanked Estonia for its support in various fields, in advancing reforms and developing the state, and highlighted excellent cooperation in IT, the development of the e-state, medicine and social issues.

President Zelensky assured that legislation that supports entrepreneurs is a priority for the Rada. In this context, he said he was aware that several Estonian businessmen have encountered problems in Ukraine, and he promised that the new government would work on solving them. Ambassador Kuusk, in turn, emphasised that the Estonian IT and high-tech sector took a keen interest in Ukraine, which has been somewhat hindered by insecurity.

They also touched on the difficult situation of the eastern regions of Ukraine and the need to visualise life after occupation for the residents there. Ambassador Kuusk reaffirmed Estonia’s continued support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. President Zelensky thanked Estonia for its non-recognition of Russian passports issued in occupied areas of Ukraine.

Before joining the foreign service, Ambassador Kuusk worked at the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service and served as a department head in 1998-2008 and as a deputy of a department director general. In 2019, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working as a Desk Officer for the Division of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. From August 2019, Kuusk serves as the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine.