Estonian Embassy in Kyiv only accepts applications for visas under certain circumstances

Estonian and Schengen borders are currently closed to Ukrainians without residence permits. Therefore, the Estonian Embassy in Kyiv does not accept applications for Schengen visas until further notice.

As an exception, the applications for visas, including the national D visas, are accepted from applicants:

  • who are directly involved in transporting goods and raw products, including loading of goods or raw products;
  • who are employees of diplomatic missions or consular posts of foreign states in Estonia or their family members or foreigners arriving in Estonia in the framework of international military cooperation;
  • who are providing health services or other services necessary for responding to an emergency;
  • who are directly involved in international carriage of goods and passengers, including a crew member and a ship’s crew member servicing an international means of transport and a person performing repairs or warranty or maintenance work on such a means of transport;
  • who are directly involved in the provision of passenger transport services;
  • whose purpose for arriving in Estonia is related to ensuring the continuity of a vital service.whose arrival in Estonia is related to the maintenance or repair of or warranty or information and communication technology work on equipment of a company operating in Estonia if this is necessary for ensuring the operation of the company.

The full list of exceptions can be found here:

Such applications for visas are received in Ukraine only at the Estonian Embassy Pushkinska 43b, with a prior appointment on the internet.