President Kaljulaid on the Crimean administrative line: the territorial integrity of Ukraine needs to be restored

“Estonia has not forgotten that Ukraine is still partially occupied and there is an ongoing war in the Eastern part of Ukraine,” president Kersti Kaljulaid said today while visiting the Crimean administrative borderline in Ukraine. “We should not forget it or accept the current situation. The few crossing the border, either on foot or with a car, have to go from Ukraine to Ukraine through an armed check-point,” the President of Estonia added.

“The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be restored and until it has happened, the topic has to be raised continuously, so that the situation of Ukraine will also not be forgotten elsewhere in the world. It is crucial that the Minsk agreements will be honored and other countries would stand jointly behind the sanctions against Russia,” President Kaljulaid added.

“The situation with fundamental freedoms has continuously degraded in Crimea over the last seven years. Many Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea have been forced to leave the peninsula to protect themselves and their families. At the same time hundreds of thousands of resettlers are arriving from Russia under the relocation policy. Russia continues to expand its military presence in Crimea, jeopardizing the security of Ukraine and the rest of the Black Sea region,” President Kaljulaid said.

President Kaljulaid was the first Head of State to visit the Crimean administrative borderline in Ukraine and to get an overview of the situation there. The Estonian Head of State is on a working visit to Ukraine until Tuesday, participating in the Crimean platform summit and the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the restoration of the independence of Ukraine.

Photos: Mattias Tammet/Office of the President